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Linux & IoT

Contract development service

We accept embedded Linux kernel porting, device driver and application development and support, IoT system development, system verification and evaluation, etc. We support development based on our abundant experience from upstream to downstream.

Development results

  • Linux kernel porting to set-top box, device driver development
  • Linux kernel porting to TV, device driver development
  • Blu-ray recorder with built-in HDD Linux kernel porting to Android, device driver development
  • Linux kernel porting to Android-based smartphones, device driver development, application, network, security verification / evaluation
  • Verification and evaluation of security of smartphones using iOS
  • Porting the Linux kernel to digital cameras, developing device drivers, developing image / video processing applications
  • Adopting Android Requirement analysis, requirement definition, design, implementation of in-vehicle information system
  • Porting the Linux kernel to the in-vehicle camera system, developing device drivers
  • Customizing the Linux kernel of the in-vehicle information system , Device driver, middleware, application development, system verification / evaluation, system security verification and response to vulnerabilities
  • Development of file system for embedded devices
  • Development of voice recognition processing IP for FPGA