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About Us

Upwind Technology, Inc. is a privately held company in Hawaii, U.S.A.. It was founded by Kenichi Nakamura in Aug., 2002. The branch office is located in Tokyo, Japan. We are the software engineer group which develop and support the GNU software and GNU/Linux system(kernel, device driver, application software etc.) from embedded to enterprise. We also provide a training program for GNU software and GNU/Linux system.


Corporate NameUpwind Technology, Inc.
Location of Corporate Office1522 Makaloa Street Suite 204, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 USA
 Tokyo officeLevel 28 Shinagawa Intercity Tower A, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-6028 Japan
 Nagoya officeLevel 40 Nagoya Lucent Tower, 6-1 Ushijima-cho, Nishi-ku Nagoya 451-6040 Japan
Corporate Purpose and Powers(1) The various information offering service trade that utilized Internet.
(2) Connection service to Internet with Computers.
(3) The business about plan, designs and management administration of information system.
(4) Investigation, studies, development, sales, maintenance, export and import of software.
(5) Dispatch of design engineers of systems of computers or programs.
(6) Translation, writing, the publishing business.
(7) Development, manufacture, sale, maintenance, export and import of an electric device.
(8) Transact any or all other lawful business for which corporations may be incorporated under Chapter 414 Hawaii Revised Business Corporation Act, as amended, in its corporate capacity, in a partnership status, as a part of a joint venture or in any other capacity.

Introducing directors

Kenichi Nakamura, Founder and President
1996-1997 Mitsubishi Space Software Co.,Ltd.
1997-2000 Nihon Cygnus Solutions, Inc.
2000-2002 Red Hat Japan, Inc.
Red Hat Certified Engineer(No.807000189102462)
2002- Upwind Technology, Inc.

Kenichi holds Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Control and Engineering from The University of Electro-Communications.
Since 2003, A part-time lecturer in Embedded Linux at Waseda University and Tokyo Institute of Technology.
Associate member of Free Softwa Foundation(FSF).
Compelted the course, Secure Coding in C and C++ by CERT/CC.